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Just a few words of introduction - I'm from Russia, and I frequently feel sorry that I discovered absinthe for myself only in february 2003 - why didn't I do it earlier :) But it rapidly became my favorite drink and great source of inspiration...

I just made a count and figured out that since late june I managed
- create 38 icons for LiveJournal
- and 3 computer collages
- add one photo gallery on my webpage [absinthe-flavoured watching of Matrix Reloaded :) ]
- write some essays
- write one "special" scene into my sci-fi novel and invent three or two
additional ones
- write one short poem about absinthe ant two - greatly inspired by it...
- make one painting in pastel ("Wormwood Star")
- get idea for cycle of poems
- get idea for cycle of short stories about XIXth century...

And I want this flow of inspiration never ends...
So I wanted to share some of my works ;) (My poems are in russian, though, and they lose rhytm and rhyme when I attempt to translate them...)
But these little computer graphics up for grabs:

First LJ icons set, based on classic paintings
Second LJ icon set, based on movie screenshots and photos

And, for those who love the beauty of the rituals... just made some screenshots from "From Hell" and "Moulin Rouge" movies...
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