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Tabu - la vita dolce

Last night I had my second taste of real Absinth; not that cheap Absente you get from the corner stores! Though you do have to like the nice box it comes in, with spoon included, and a nice collector's bottle. No matter the level of quality of Absinthe, there is always the dignified mark it leaves no matter where it is seen, or how it is consumed.

I personally lean more toward the traditional ways; pouring the Absinthe over the sugar cube on the spoon, lighting it on fire and thus carmelizing it, pouring in the water, and stirring (though I don't think I'd go as far back as when they only used Opium cubes).
Though I have seen some very nice and interesting antiquities on this site :

Thankfully, for those who do not know the language, there is a choice between German and English for the site, though some parts are still in German. Of the items there, I had the pleasure of having the smaller 20ml size Absinth bottles, but it was still tres deliciouse ^_~ You can get them in a coffin-case of 7. Also, there are more or less "instant/pre-mixed" and ready-to-go versions; the Tabu Red</a> one of which piques my intrigue to future tastings, which is oddly sweetened with mineral water, and can be mixed with passion fruit juice. It is actually something of an Italian version of Absinth that claims "the men forget their women" due to drinking it... go fig, non?

The only downside to the site, is that it is eye-candy... but fortunately, under the "Dealer" tab on the top-left menu, it provides links to vendors where-which you can purchase the finery. One good site I found was this - Absinth Shop, but it is in German.

Anyhoo, enjoy me harteys, yo-ho ^__^

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