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How many of you are living in the U.S.? How do you buy yours? Absinthe is illegal here isn't it? I was thinking about getting some in a couple years, but I'm not sure how, or if its possible at all.
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usually my friends make it and I buy it that way. I also know some people who have ordered it from Spain.
It is illegal to BUY it HERE in the United States. It is legal however, to ship it in from another country, and to possess it.
I'm afraid you're mistaken. It is not legal to import it or possess it; it is simply seldom prosecuted.

Get the facts here.
Really? I guess I got some bad info. I'll check out your link!

is wormword itself illegal here in the states?

i recently found some type of drink i can buy at a chinese market down the street from me that contains oriental wormwood. hmm...
The herb is not illegal, nor are dietary supplements containing it; however, according to the FDA all finished foods (i.e., ready to consume) must be thujone free. Anything with wormwood in it is going to have traces of thujone high enough not to pass FDA approval.

Oriental wormwood is Artemisiae capillaris, not Artemisiae absinthium, and doesn't contain any thujone.

FYI, thujone is a bad thing in high quantities; it won't make you high, it'll make you die of kidney failure and convulsions.
I buy mine from;

In fact, mine just got here a few days ago, I'll post pictures.
You guys should check out Their FAQ and Law section should wrap up your legal questions for you. If you're interested in knowing about good absinthe this would be a good place to start. Their position is that of Civil Disobedience to this stupid law. I wouldn't be surprised if absinthe importation is over-turned soon. They have some legitimate vendors, who we must NEVER EVER patronize.

You're not really supposed to be importing absinthe or any product with thujone into the U.S. Customs officials will seize it and destroy it nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more if they come across it. They will destroy while they are also smoking, I mean, destroying Cuban cigars, which are also illegal from Sea to Shining Sea. If they do seize it, which they're probably not going to do, since there are a lot more important things to do than search for absinthe, you will receive a letter saying that they have it. You can then contest it in court, which you will assuredly lose. Are the Men In Black going to come to you and rough you up? Probably not. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to ship it from Europe.

If you're an adult and want to enjoy Absinthe you should do it. I just got a bottle of La Fée today, on a Sunday morning, no less. They should kneel at my feet at say "Here is your absinthe, your majesty" with the amount of money I'm spending on a dinky bottle of the stuff. La Fée is kind of the Budweisers of absinthe. My wife and I are going to drink a glass or two tonight while watching that new show Rome, on HBO.

I've seen a lot of home kits on ebay and what-have-you. You should probably stay away from those. Absinthe is like wine or any other spirit and it should be distilled. Better to go with the Spanish and French brands.