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Can you help me?

I have a problem*

Im trying to find songs where absinthe and the green fay have the key role! I have found a couple of thoose, but I need a little more help on the way!

Can you help me?
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songs or music videos?

The music video for Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails has a bit with absinthe in it, no green fairy though unfortunately :(

Just a passing though as I'm on my way to bed. You've got me wondering now. I'll google search tomrorow n have a lookie.
I have so far:

Minus the bear: Absinthe party at the fly honey
Cradle of filth: Absinthe with faust
Moe: Wormwood
NRWO: Absinthe minded
Symphony X: Absinthe and rue
Tristiania: Wormwood
Zella Mayzell- my dear wormwood

Mitch Hedberg- Absinthe

(I find all by google)